Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications

NT Inspect™ is a dynamic platform that accommodates a wide range of organizational processes and is the preferred system for the State of New Jersey and its citizens.


Inspections are everywhere. They are in almost every industry and business. They are key to our functioning as a society to ensure that regulations are met, social objectives are achieved, and dysfunction and bad administration avoided. You need technology to allow an organization to manage the inspection function at the lowest possible cost and with the highest level of effectiveness. At its most basic inspections are about compliance.

Quality is key so that everyone can be sure that the integrity of the inspections themselves and the integrity of the inspection process are not compromised. We have developed NT Inspect™ to meet all these key objectives and currently support the New Jersey Department of Labor in fulfilling its mission to foster, promote and develop the welfare of its workers.


Utilizing readily available hardware, the NT Inspect™ system limits the organization’s extra expenditure on proprietary devices or technology. NT Inspect™ provides you with the flexibility to tailor the system to meet your compliance needs, producing reports that fulfill your SEMAP or other reporting requirements. In developing NT Inspect™, Neo Tech Solutions has drawn on its nearly two decades of software design, development, maintenance and support, guided by an experienced team of executive leadership, to create a field-tested solution that offers the Agency a best-in-class product that will ensure a successful implementation for this project.

NT Inspect™ allows the user to collect inspection data based on the most up to date library of federal, state, and agency regulations, guidelines, and protocols. Paired with the equally intuitive web portal, the NT Inspect™ system is a self-contained inspection solution.

IoT Energy Monitoring

Helping companies build on their existing technology https://www.neotechusa.com/, devices and data to derive business value from the Internet of Things (IoT) is a cornerstone of our vision for enterprises looking to manage and optimize a variety of devices and sensors, including energy consumption and sustainability. Our NT Connect™ technology allows you to collect data and monitor devices in real-time to improve efficiencies, drive operational performance, and leverage advance data analytics to transform your company with new business models and revenue streams. The Internet of Things starts with your things.


Combining psychiatric thought leadership with the powerful NT Inspect™ platform, Neo Tech Solutions is developing tele medicine solutions to improve access to mental health services for veterans in remote areas. This healthcare-configured platform will provide video conferencing with a physician, electronic prescriptions, and mobile wellness apps. Our primary aim is to improve care and reduce delays by leveraging cloud & mobile technologies. Benjamin Franklin reminds us, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”