Revolutionizing the Insurance sector through intelligent IT solutions by Neotech.

Technology is bound to change the nature of Insurance firms. In the technology-driven world, over 60% of people prefer to monitor their claims online. By introducing tech in insurance, processes can be quickened and streamlined and complex tasks are simplified.
Workflow Automation will help reduce time spent on routine processing tasks and help employees improve efficiency and focus on solving real-time customer needs. Automations can also send reminders to customers whenever a renewal is due.
By turning to a digital medium, you can cut costs, increase efficiency by reducing redundant work, reach a wider audience through digital channels and much more. Neotech strives to ensure that with technology, you can cut down irrelevant expenditures and build a profitable enterprise.
We at Neotech, help insurers like you go one notch beyond by introducing technology that will transform the face of the company, increase reliability and improve productivity. We firmly believe that through digital transformation, we can add value and contribute to the growth of insurance firms.


● Accurate data entry and storage
● Reduction of customer calls
● Faster resolutions
● Quick payments processing
● Achieving Business goals faster
● Cost reduction

Our Solutions.

Data Analytics Services.

Advanced data analytics services ensure that your consolidated data is ready for integrating, analyzing and reporting. Neotech’s data analytics services provide tailored business analytics solutions so your firm can grow leaps and bounds. Analyzing data from multiple sources helps your firm identify gaps and address needs at a micro-level. Harness the power of data to make better business decisions and stay ahead of the times. Being a data-driven organization helps you stay on top of the game and accelerate your growth in the competitive market.


Digital Cloud Services.

With files digitized, analyzed, and stored in a cloud, it is easy to retrieve and access documents. Noetech’s technology ensures that data is entered accurately by rejecting incorrectly tagged documents. This feature helps employees save time, deal with consistent and correct information and work on more pertinent tasks.
Powered by ETL (extract, transform, and load) the systems are capable of structuring loads of data for future use. Centralized data also ensures that individual data analysts and data scientists can access required data on time.


Omnichannel CRM.

With an Omnichannel CRM, you can engage your customers via phone, emails, live chat or social media. With an overview of past interactions and real-time updates, your team can assist customers quickly and efficiently. With CRM, customers are connected to the appropriate person to help solve their queries.
With built-in analytics, you can leverage the data to boost sales, identify trends and analyze key performance indexes. Move from reactive to proactive decision-making by leveraging real-time data to solve customer problems and arrive at appropriate solutions.


Quality Assurance and Testing.

From implementing accurate and innovative technology to deployment and monitoring, we stay with you every step of the way. Our in-house experts ensure that the applications are fast, reliable and error-free. We provide a seamless and smooth customer experience. Regular testing and quality checks are in place to ensure that the applications are up and running. At Neotech, we assure you that our applications comply with data protection and privacy policies. You become more insulated from scams as our application is set up for fraud detection and assessment. We are here to implement and execute only the best for your enterprise.