“Do not repeat the tactics which have gained you one victory, but let your methods be regulated by the infinite variety of circumstances.”
– Sun Tzu


Neotech has been in business providing IT services to its clients since 1996. We recognize that IT and computing are rapidly ever-changing and buy cialis super active no prescription a dynamic company can no longer just rely on certain core technical language to maintain its edge. The company began as a firm providing IT talent to public and private sector businesses.  Neotech has transformed its business offerings by pairing its IT expertise with specific business verticals and developing applications and tools for those verticals.  We advise and support our clients on the business aspects of their IT needs.

Our mission is to keep ahead of the technology curve through identifying the right people with the right mix of both technical skills and behavioral agility. We supplement this activity by providing the right kinds of technical skills, education and supportive work environment that allows our consultants to stay ahead of the technology curve.

Technology is a tool that must be subject to the business objectives of our clients. In starting with business objectives we:

  • connect with the vision and goals of our clients;
  • collaborate on designing and implementing a program, remaining attentive to cost and organizational constraints which exist for many organizations;
  • build the technical architectures and systems to meet the client’s objectives;
  • ensure that we are always in tune with the business goals of the client; and
  • that we meet the needs of the client’s end-users and customers, which keep them in business.

Our Social Purpose

Neotech’s objective is to improve workforce and community safety and welfare through our specialized IT services. We provide these special services through our IT expertise in many areas, currently with particular focus on the following where we have extensive subject matter expertise.

  • Housing and Emergency Accommodation
  • Labor Safety and Compliance
  • Military Logistics

Our business model maintains that in these special proficiency areas we have Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who establish thought leadership so that we can advise and support our clients on the business aspects of their IT needs. We can provide the vision and insights that will help your organization succeed in these specialized and vital areas through our Application Suite.

Housing and Emergency Accommodation

We provide specialty IT services in the area of public housing and emergency accommodation. We know that these are critical to the welfare of some of the most disadvantaged people in the US. We are conscious of the need to ensure that the systems we design and build meet the broader social objectives of our clients. Operational objectives are crucial but are not, on their own, sufficient to provide the broader social effectiveness that our clients are seeking.

Labor Safety and Compliance

The working conditions of the nation’s human capital are vital not only to its economic situation but also to its sense of cohesiveness, fairness and equity. Without strong regimes of workforce safety and compliance, the confidence of employees nationwide can decline and lead to broader social break down.  We recognize that in providing these services for our clients, we have a broader responsibility to both our clients and the national workforce. We implement this by ensuring that we have the right people who have a business, as well as a technical, perspective so that they can integrate these insights in the design and development of IT systems designed for workforce safety and compliance.

Military Logistics

We provide support and services to the military and the Department of Defense through our Military Logistics division. This is led by professionals who have a military background and understand the distinctive needs of the military and the necessity to think in ways that transcend typical civilian objectives. We understand the business and armed forces goals of our military clients and ensure that we constantly hone our support strategies to take account of changing military, political and geopolitical conditions, just as our clients legitimately expect from us.

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Neotech offers IT professional services, technology tools addressing specific business verticals, and government related services in federal contracting vehicles and military logistics.